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Pool Heat Pumps

Evolution AC is a manufacturer’s representative for several brands of Pool Heat Pumps (PHPs). That means, if you have one of these units on your pool and it is under warranty, or if it breaks or needs repair, you can call the manufacturer or sales rep that sold it and they will call us to diagnose and repair it.

What is a Pool Heat Pump?

A pool heat pump is essentially an air conditioner for your pool. Some only heat the pool, while others heat and cool your pool both. The biggest differences in these units is that they use an enclosed cylinder that circulates the water from your pool and the refrigerant from the PHP to either heat and or cool your pool or hot tub instead of blowing air. The water is circulated by your pool water pump.

The units gradually heat the pool, also have the ability to cool off the pool. If you live in the Las Vegas Area, then you know your pool can get so warm that it is uncomfortable and may not cool you off in the heat of the summer. This is a great feature to some of the pool heat pumps.

Maintaining Your Pool Heat Pump

What most people do not understand or know about these units is that they require the same maintenance as your home AC/heating system. This is a service we offer to help keep your units in top shape. We would also like to invite customers that have had a pool heat pump installed to have a proper start up performed by us so we can identify any issues that the system might have early on, greatly enhancing your PHP experience and life cycle.We carry a small stock of normal parts on hand and have employees trained every year to keep up with the technology and demand. 

PHP Manufacturers

Evolution AC is the manufacturer's representative for the following pool heat pump brands:


Other pool heat pump brands we can and will service as requested, include:

I couldn’t recommend Evolution AC more. They stand by their work. — Callie M.
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